Discover the art of Stefano Epis: surprising works that capture attention

Welcome to the world
of Stefano Epis

My works are characterized by the experimental use of typography, which goes beyond its simple communicative purpose. Each letter is treated as an independent entity, capable of communicating its own meaning. Stefano Epis creates a real visual universe, in which letters combine and overlap to create unique patterns and shapes. His works are surprising and engaging, able to immediately capture the viewer's attention. His talent for manipulating letters is evident in each of his creations, which manages to convey a powerful and emotional message.

Epis transforms every text into a work of art that speaks to heart
and imagination of the viewer.

Works of art by Stefano Epis: a universe of hidden meanings and inspirations

Collage, screen printing and digital printing

With the collage, I always make the first draft of my works. With screen printing, I reproduce images on different media, also using natural inks and experimenting with overlays. Digital printing allows me to transform my works into digital creations to be produced in Fine Art quality in Limited Edition. But I don't just stop at these techniques, I love experimenting with pastels, tempera, gold leaves and clay.

Outside the box

My creative process is based on continuous experimentation and combination of techniques and materials. I like to explore new paths, try new ideas, let my mind run free and express freely through artistic creation. I like to mix different styles and techniques, always trying to find a balance between tradition and innovation. This freedom of expression makes each of my works of art unique, each with its own story and meaning. Every trait, every choice is the result of a process of thought and creation that allows me to express myself and communicate with others in an authentic and profound way.

The power of words transformed into art

Versatility in the works of Stefano Epis: designs transformed into furnishing accessories
Emotions in the art of Stefano Epis: objects that convey an exciting message
Positivity in Stefano Epis's projects: works of art rich in meaning
Stefano Epis's artistic choice: the use of black on white and his personal vision
Black on white: mystery and depth in Stefano Epis's work
White symbolizes purity: the art of Stefano Epis in a candid space

His artistic process is a journey of exploration and experimentation, in which he expresses himself freely through different creative media and languages.

Creative writing by Stefano Epis: a work that captures the imagination

I create objects that convey emotions

My work is not limited only to visual art. Thanks to my ability to adapt my language and graphic sign on different surfaces, I can dress up furnishing accessories such as wallpaper, vases, placemats and more. In this way, I am able to combine art with functionality, creating objects that not only aesthetically enrich an environment, but also transmit a positive and exciting message in everyday use. I dream of being able to continue combining creativity and functionality in ever new and surprising ways, bringing a touch of beauty and positivity wherever I go.

Versatility in Stefano Epis's projects: designs transformed into furnishing accessories

Color contrasts

My passion for manipulating letters translates into surprising works, capable of capturing attention from the first moment. The careful choice of black on white for my works is not random, but the result of aesthetic and conceptual research. White, a symbol of purity, and black, the bearer of an intrinsic mystery, come together in a harmonious balance, creating a contrast that transcends the simple visual aspect. This combination creates an atmosphere that fascinates the viewer and invites them to explore each work in depth, in which black on white highlights the shapes and lines of the intrinsic messages.

My journey in Type Art

In 2013, one of my works, entitled “Ri-Tratto a Pinco Pallino”, was sold by Sotheby's, testifying to the value and appreciation of my genius and creative style. I continue to dedicate myself to my art every day, looking for new forms of expression to leave an imprint on the world of contemporary art with my Type Art works.

What can I do for you?

Versatility in Stefano Epis's projects: designs transformed into furnishing accessories